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About Us

About Us

Serving people in Linwood, Michigan, and its surrounding areas for over 58 years, Linwood Tile Company has become the go-to place for farm drainage, plumbing supplies, in-floor radiant heat, and septic field needs. The reason why is simple: at Linwood Tile Company, you can not only purchase all of the supplies you need; you can also have them installed.

We have been in the industry long enough to know what works. You can rely on our experienced team to deliver quality products and reliable services.

Our Services


Farm Drainage Contractor

Proper farm drainage has a wealth of benefits, including higher yield and lesser work. Get the most out of your land and increase crops with our farm drainage installation services. Linwood Tile Company is your trusted local farm drainage contractor and we are here to help! Let’s determine and design a drainage plan for your field to avoid the risk of crop damage, and boost your end-of-the-season yield.

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Plumbing Supply

When it comes to plumbing work, using high-quality products is a must. The worst thing that could happen is poor-grade equipment failing after installation. You can avoid this with Linwood Tile Company plumbing supplies. With us, you can trust that you will get all the supplies you need from the best and trusted brands at a reasonable price.

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Septic Fields

If your septic field requires maintenance or repair, you can find all the parts and labor needed right here. Not only does our expert staff have years of experience, but we are also well stocked with the tools and supplies to get it functioning like newly installed in no time.

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In Floor Radiant Heat

Radiant heating systems provide a different kind of warmth that makes a home feel extra cozy. Since the heat is coming from the floor; it concentrates on walls and furnishings, focusing heat where you need it most. We can have these systems installed in newly constructed or existing homes, even in commercial properties. Contact us today for in-floor radiant heat installations and experience greater comfort!

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Driveway Culvert

When you need a culvert expert in Michigan, Linwood Tile Company can help. Culverts are tunnel structures that generally carry water under driveways or electrical cables across them. We install different types of culverts that can be constructed depending on every project. No matter what your culvert needs; supplies or services, you can all find them here.

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