In Floor Radiant Heat

Specialize in radiant heated floors

In-floor radiant heat is a heating system that goes right into the floors of your home. It’s the best heating system a house can have because it’s quiet and easy to control.

Linwood Tile Company has individuals that specialize in radiant heated floors. We can help you customize your heat system that fits your needs. Whether it’s just an in-home heating system or commercial, our radiant floor specialists will have the right solution for you!

In Floor Radiant Heat Benefits

A great home is a comfortable home, and that’s what IFR heating delivers!

  • Consistent and even heat distribution
  • Quiet, clean, and hypoallergenic
  • 30% reduction in heating bills
  • Low-cost installation

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With in-floor radiant heat, you’ll never need to worry about turning up the thermostat to stay warm again. The system mimics the natural warmth of the sun, heating the floor through a hidden network of tubing that keeps air circulating under your feet and around every corner of your home. With no ducts or bulky equipment blocking doors, it’s a clutter-free heating solution that’s easy to install and even easier to use.

Get all these benefits without disturbing the surface of your floors. You won’t even notice it is there! Also available in carpet, ceramic tile, and hardwood flooring systems. Contact us today to know more.