Septic Fields

Septic Field Service or Maintainance

When it comes time for service or maintenance to your very vital septic field, call on the experts with over 50 years of experience to be sure the job is done right the first time. We have all of the necessary supplies here as well and will install them if needed.

The Linwood Tile Company is an independently owned and operated company with a long history of customer satisfaction. When you call on us for help, we’ll come out and thoroughly assess the situation before recommending a course of action. We carry all of the parts needed to do full repairs on our own or to supervise another septic tank cleaning company’s work when needed.

Septic Field Services in Michigan

A septic tank/absorption field is one of the most common means of onsite wastewater treatment in use in Michigan. Nearly 30 percent of all housing units in Michigan use onsite wastewater treatment systems—most of these are septic tank/absorption field systems.

When properly designed, constructed, installed, and maintained, a septic tank/absorption field system can provide high-quality wastewater treatment for small communities and individual residences.

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When it comes time to service or repair your septic field, you want to make sure that the job is done right. Without a properly functioning septic field, you can’t even flush your toilet, so you must keep yours in good working order. The Linwood Tile Company has been providing this vital service for decades and has the equipment and experience necessary to address any of your septic field needs.